configuring some macros inside of Logitech G hub, I'm setting them up for each application. I was going through the shortcuts in file explorer and assigning them to hotkeys, although cant work out if there is a shortcut to change how files are organised.

Anyone know the shortcut for that?

Thanks in advance, Tom

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Use CtrlShift1CtrlShift9 to switch between layouts.

Use Ctrl + mouse scroll wheel to zoom; this will also switch between layouts automatically after the zoom limit for the current layout has been reached.


The closest I can get is Alt+V, then L to focus the layout panel. Then you need to use the cursor keys to navigate around the layout pane. If you talking about sorting, then Alt+V, then O

  • Thanks that's very useful. I hadn't thought of using the alt key when creating macros.
    – Tom_nerd
    May 17, 2022 at 13:06

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