I'm using Chrome (latest version) and Windows 10 (latest version), alongside Bria for softphones via a SIP.

As the title advises my issue is that when connecting to my work's VPN I sometimes have to connect to clients' networks via FortiClient which they've set up to use SSL. I originally used the Smart VPN Client for Draytek routers however our infrastructure has set the VPN we use for that to work via SSL as well, which is the same VPN type as the FortiClient and thus causes a clash.

To get around this I set up a new connection to my works VPN using the built in Windows function, I'm not super familiar with using the Windows VPN function but I believe it's using PPTP, after changing the proxy settings on this (from automatic to none) I am able to connect via FortiClient whilst on the works VPN.

Unfortunately this is where the trouble starts, with this setup I regularly have issues with Chrome being unable to load pages, both secure and unsecure. It doesn't appear to be a DNS issue because I can ping the page as well as actually hit the page but it's almost as if the actual contents either only partially load or do not load at all. I was able to resolve this initially by unticking the box for using the remote gateway on the Windows VPN, however this then means Bria doesn't connect with my works SIP to allow calls.

Unfortunately I don't believe allowing my default gateway onto our SIP/Bria is an option which brings me back to the route of the problem which is the browsing issue.

I'm adamant I have set something up incorrectly but I'm at a loss for what. I'm also unsure if I can provide much more info but if anyone has experienced this before or is able to assist with more info please let me know.


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