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When I click on an XML feed in Firefox it automatically detects this and asks how I would like to subscribe. Is there an easy way to just see the raw feed in Firefox?

This is simple in Google's Chrome browser, since it doesn't do anything. But I am guessing a future version will handle it as Firefox does.

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I just discovered one workaround, quite by chance. If you click on 'view source' for the page that contains the RSS link, and then click on the RSS link inside view source, it will take you to the source of the RSS...


The simplest solution I have found (other than right click a feed and select 'view source') to view raw XML is to prepend the address with view-source:.

For example, in Firefox:


will show the XML. Whereas


will show the page to add an RSS feed.


You should just be able to right click, and view page source.

  • this just gives you the source to the 'add to google' page, right? – Mark Norgren Sep 9 '10 at 18:51

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