I have a RHEL 8.6 machine, and I'm setting up a samba file server using port 1445 so I can start the server as a non-root user. The server is working locally, as I can run smbclient -p 1445 //localhost/share to connect to it. I am also running a QEMU NetBSD 8.2 VM, and I'm attempting to connect to the samba share using the following:

mount_smbfs -I <machine IP> //guest@<machine IP>:1445 mount_dir/

However, I get a "connection refused" error when I try to access it.

If I remove smb ports = 1445 from the configuration file and start the Samba daemon as root, I can connect to it from NetBSD, but I'd like to be able to host a working Samba server as non-root.

I thought perhaps if I mapped port 139 on NetBSD to 1445 on RHEL with QEMU, that would solve things (using the -net user,hostfwd=tcp::1445-:139 to QEMU), but I haven't had any luck there.

I do notice that if I do an nmap localhost when starting the Samba server as non-root, port 1445 doesn't show up as being open.

What might be going on here?


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