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I want the left column to be full. Why does the left column not come down? Any Suggestions?

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    Remove the spaces. Jun 23 at 5:58
  • Removing space doesn't do anything.
    – sam sam
    Jun 23 at 6:06
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    Instead of the regular line return (Enter), have you tried Shift+Return?
    – Arctiic
    Jun 23 at 6:58
  • I don't know much about other page layout of your document. If possible, it is recommended to backup the document and delete the last section break (continue) to have a check.
    – Emily
    Jun 23 at 9:45
  • Do you want the left column not to have blank lines? (Add to your comment @harrymc for me to be notified.)
    – harrymc
    Jun 23 at 11:30

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The continuous section break at the end tells Word to start a single column section at that point.

This causes the columns to wrap and balance. If you type more in the first column they will both grow.

You could change the following section to the same two columns and then delete the continuous section mark.

If you want to prevent such wrapping / balancing, you would want to create the column without selecting text and have it set for from this point forward.


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