I'm trying to install Arch Linux in a Windows 11 Hyper-V VM. The ISO I use is archlinux-2022.06.01-x86_64.iso.

When starting the VM, it shows a menu where I can choose between

  • Arch Linux install medium (x86_64, UEFI)
  • Arch Linux install medium (x86_64, UEFI) with speech
  • Arch Linux install medium (x86_64, UEFI, Copy to RAM)
  • Arch Linux install medium (x86_64, UEFI, Copy to RAM) with speech
  • EFI Shell
  • Reboot Into Firmware Interface

I choose the first. Then the install hangs on a black screen. I do not get a command prompt. In the Hyper-V manager I can see that the VM is using some CPU (it says 8%). I let it run for 15 minutes, but nothing happens.

I've disabled secure boot on the VM as I can understand that you need to do that.

I have an Ubuntu VM that runs fine, fwiw.

Why does it hang?

Edit: These are the Hyper-V settings. It's a Generation 2 VM.

enter image description here

  • @SeñorCMasMas I've added the full menu. I thought that maybe people that knew Arch were familiar with it so I wouldn't have to type it all. 2 days ago
  • I've just gone with the default VM configuration, except disabling secure boot and bumping memory up to 4GB from 2GB. I've added a screenshot of the VM settings. You can't see it there, but I've checked that it is a Gen 2 VM. 2 days ago
  • I've verified the ISO by checking the SHA256 checksum. It should be good. I've tried changing the VM settings to the ones you have, but it didn't help. yesterday
  • Bummer :( .. perhaps someone will come along that can help you and knows WHY it is doing what it is doing. yesterday
  • Try closing the VM Connection window (keeping the VM running), then reopening it. Does that fix the issue?
    – Daniel B

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I downloaded the archlinux-2022.05.01-x86_64.iso image and that installs like it should. The June image must have an issue with Hyper-V or my machine.

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