I have a device (for example, a music player or a TV) that has a USB port and will read files off a thumb drive and play or display them. Is there a way connect that USB port to a PC and in software on the PC serve up files to a virtual drive that would then be recognized by the music player or TV as present in its USB port?

I assume that this would have to be a combination hardware and software for the reasons described in this question.

Does anyone have a solution for this?


What you need is something similar to a USB data copy cable. The problem is that data copy cables just use custom software on both ends to manage the copy - they don't actually make anything look like a drive. You need custom software on the PC end, and then enough brains in the middle to pretend to be a USB drive.

If you were up to reverse-engineering one of those copy cables, you might be able to use it as the basis for what you want, but you'd have to write all of the software yourself.

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