Is there a way to suppress the command not found error in MacOS/ zsh for a command typed after hash # symbol?

Typically, any command typed after # is ignored in Ubuntu/bash shell. Is there an easy way to do the same in MacOS/zsh terminal? Or equivalent character to ignore the command without resulting in the error?


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zsh has a shell option, INTERACTIVE_COMMENTS, which is unset (off/disabled) by default, meaning that the # is not treated as a comment character in interactive shells (it's still a comment character for shell script files). You can set it with…


…or by using its shortcut letter, k

set -k

If you always want this behavior, you can add either of those commands to the appropriate shell startup script for your situation.

bash actually has the same/similar option, but in most bash installations, it's set (enabled) by default. It seems typical zsh installations default to having it unset (disabled).

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