is there a way to set the BIOS/UEFI Administrator password from a Linux CLI for a BIOS/UEFI that doesn't has any password set?

I'm trying to automate the process of provisioning some servers and wanted to avoid having to go to the BIOS/UEFI manually to set the admin password.

Thanks in advance!

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    Motherboard firmware is not OS accessible (even if it was hypothetically possible, it would create an insecure system, allowing BIOS/UEFI firmware changes remotely)
    – JW0914
    Jul 9 at 14:33

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No, because Linux can't access BIOS, because BIOS is a separate chip.

  • As it is possible to update the UEFI Secure Boot certs with linux tools such as efi-updatevars I thought there could be a way to change the admin password as well. Thank you for your response. Jul 9 at 15:31

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