I use Ubuntu 22.04.

How to change mouse scrolling speed in Ubuntu?

I went to mouse settings and I found a mouse speed option, but nothing for the mouse wheel scrolling.

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This is a long standing issue in Ubuntu and other Linux distributions. You can increase the amount of steps per scroll using imwheel.

In some cases you'll still want to use single step scrolling. You can configure imwheel to use single steps when a key such as Alt is held down.


You will need to switch from Wayland to Xorg to make this work. Hopefully a better solution will be developed some day.


tl;dr: imwheel is the easiest and possibly the only one that will work for you. Here's a quick & simple guide https://askubuntu.com/a/1441416/1654422

Be aware if you are using a laptop and lets say you "undock" and want to use the touchpad for a while, you will have to pkill imwheel otherwise scrolling will get jumpy, as mentioned here

Why does that happen? Believe it or not, changing the scroll speed is not supported (at least not out of the box) by neither gnome or libinput. This has been reported to libinput maintainers but they believe people are barking at the wrong tree and this should be fixed somewhere else.

There's also this work-around but it didn't work for me, but some had success.

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    TL;CF. What exactly is the somewhere else they think is responsible for this? May 8, 2023 at 15:02

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