I have the following data set with a list of players and their contribution to the group they belong.

enter image description here

I've calculated the % of the player contribution within his/her group in "% Player Contribution Within Group":

=[@[Player Contribution]]/SUMIF([Group];[@Group];[Player Contribution])

Then I've calculated the ranking of that % contribution in "Player Contribution's Rank Within Group"

=COUNTIFS([Group];[@Group];[% Player Contribution Within Group];">"&D2)+1

Since the % contribution's may vary a lot between players (is very evident for Group B), to show this difference (for instance) between the first player of Group B (84,97%) and the second and third (less than 8%) of the same group, I would like to calculate a sort of "weighted ranking" (it it makes sense .. not quite sure). Is there a way (a formula) to express with the result of a calculation this kind of difference?

Thanks a lot in advance.

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    What are you trying to achieve qualitatively? The ranking is independent of the weighting, because regardless of the fact that the value for player 8 is much larger, player 8 would also be in 1st place if there is only a difference of one margin. At the same time, the percentage already reflects your weighting over all players in a given group.
    – karl
    Jul 17 at 18:10
  • Well, now I feel really foolish after reading your comment :) What I wanted to achieve was basically "grading" (the amount of "contribution" above is just one of the aspects) the importance of a player in comparison with the others of the same group. I wanted to assign to each contributor a label "Top", "Average", "Poor" or "No Contributor" based on his/her relative importance to the group he/she belongs. Guess I got lost overthinking it and should just decide which % range assign to each label [100 to 50 = top, etc.]
    – Pesetas74
    Jul 17 at 19:43

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This is what you are looking for:

enter image description here


  • For better understanding and good results I've calculated Overall & Rank in group.
  • Formula used for overall Rank avoids duplicates & is in Ascending order.
  • Benchmarks used for grading are adjustable.

Formula in cell:

  • G2: =F2*100/SUMPRODUCT(($E$2:$E$11=E2)*($F$2:$F$11))
  • H2: =RANK(G2,$G$2:$G$11,0)+COUNTIF($G$2:G2,G2)-1
  • I2: =SUMPRODUCT(($E$2:$F$11=E2)*(F2<$F$2:$F$11))+1
  • J2: =IF(G2>60,"Very Good",IF(G2>50,"Good","Bad"))

N.B. Adjust cell references in formula as needed.

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