I have a table like the following:


In column "F", I would like to have the text from Column "C", however, only if "Condition" from column "B" is "CondB".

If I use the formula written in "F2" - "=XLOOKUP(E2; A:A; C:C)", it always just takes the first matching cell, i.e. in "F2" it writes "TextA", but I would like to have "TextB" written there.

Is there a way to add a second condition to the XLOOKUP formula? Unfortunately, I cannot use VBA.

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I use INDEX MATCH instead with & Operator to concatenate Col A & B.

If CondB is constant, then you can try the following. In F2


enter image description here

Same XLOOKUP Formula can also be used as


However using entire column reference may slow down a bit.


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