When I start TightVNC in Windows and I put the mouse over the taskbar icon it says that TightVNC server is not listening for connections.

Edit: It started listening to connection again, and is working fine. I don't know what happened before.


I found out what the reason was. It:s because TightVNC server was already running as a service. Its icon doesn't show until a connection is made. If you try to run the TightVNC server program while the service is already running then thats what happens.

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    Reason for this can also be that something else is using vnc server port (default 5900). It usually is another instance of vnc server. As a temporary measure, you can set the port to 5901 in the vnc server preferences. Then you'll have to type hostname:1 (or hostanem::5901) into your client. – olafure Jun 12 '11 at 15:47

I had the same probleme (thightVNC service not listening), so I put 5901 on "deskA computer and 5902 on the other one( DeskB). Then from my desk if I want to be connected, I search for deskA:1 and for the other one deskb:2


I found the reason my server wasnt listening was because realvnc was installed but didnt have a taskbar icon so tightvnc got installed too.

removed realvnc and left tightvnc running


It definitely means something else in using the port. Change it to 5801, 5901, etc. and the server will start listening.

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