For some reason, occasionally, in the tabline of the tmux an uppercase Z appears at the right side of the window name and leftside of before window number, so the window name looks like this:

Z11:bashZ Z12:windownameZ

I have no issues with this behavior. But want to understand if this some behavior which can be used for my advantage.

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From the manual [emphasis mine]:

By default, the window list shows the index, name and (if any) flag of the windows present in the current session in ascending numerical order. It may be customised with the window-status-format and window-status-current-format options. The flag is one of the following symbols appended to the window name:

Symbol    Meaning
*         Denotes the current window.
-         Marks the last window (previously selected).
#         Window activity is monitored and activity has been detected.
!         Window bells are monitored and a bell has occurred in the window.
~         The window has been silent for the monitor-silence interval.
M         The window contains the marked pane.
Z         The window's active pane is zoomed.

This would explain the trailing Z in Z12:windownameZ, but not the leading one. You're probably using a customized format; if so, then these Zs may mean anything. Compare this question: How to customize tmux 'last window marker"?

Analyze the output of tmux show-options -Aw | grep 'window-status.*-format'. Maybe your customized format simply uses #{window_flags} (or #F) twice and each Z means "zoomed".

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