For backing up my system to s3, I'm running:

  • duplicity 0.8.17
  • Python 3.9.2
  • boto3 '1.24.36'

My daily backups run fine, as desired they are moved from s3 to glacier after a month, duplicity status shows everything as it should, with monthly full backups and daily incrementals, going back 62 months, e.g.

Secondary chain 54 of 62:
Chain start time: Sun Oct 24 02:05:01 2021
Chain end time: Tue Nov 23 02:05:01 2021
Number of contained backup sets: 31
Total number of contained volumes: 8223
 Type of backup set:                            Time:   Number of volumes:
                Full         Sun Oct 24 02:05:01 2021              6450
         Incremental         Mon Oct 25 02:05:02 2021                64
               ...[30 more incrementals]...

But when I try to prune old incrementals

duplicity remove-all-inc-of-but-n-full 7 --force boto3+s3:///[bucket name]/

I get

Local and Remote metadata are synchronized, no sync needed.
Last full backup date: none
No old backup sets found, nothing deleted.

I've searched and found nothing. Is the problem perhaps because the older archives are on glacier? The metadata is all on s3 as it should be...

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For the record, the problem was omitting --file-prefix options that were present in doing the backup. Here's the command that did work:

  duplicity remove-all-inc-of-but-n-full \
    --file-prefix-manifest=m_ --file-prefix-archive=a_ --file-prefix-signature=s_ \
    --encrypt-key=xxx --sign-key=xxx \
     --force 7 boto3+s3:///markup.co.uk/

My only excuse is that those options were not necessary for the status command to work.

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