The installation and configuration of the OSSEC windows agent requires a GUI. However I am running an environment which has cmd and powershell only. Is there a way to install and configure from the command line, similar to the linux installations?

  • If 'OSSEC' does not provide CLI install, then no. PowerShell cannot change that. If it is s generic MSI file, then that is your option. If it is not, then, GUI you must use. You can try to automate that.
    – postanote
    Aug 9 at 23:27
  • 1
    a lot of setup.exe or any other exe can also be started via GUI in Servercore. put it somewhere on the server, connect to the server via remote-desktop of some sort (NOT via Remote PSSession) and run ii C:\path\setup.exe and see what happens
    – SimonS
    Aug 10 at 9:51


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