Every time I make an event on google calendar, it sets two reminders an email and an alert both for 10 minutes before the event starts. I don't want these reminders. Ever. How do I modify it so that the default is to have no reminders set?

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Go into Settings -> Calendar Settings -> Calendars. You'll see all of your calendars listed. On the line for each one is a Notifications link. Click that, and there's a setting for Event reminders: Unless otherwise specified by the individual event. You should be able to remove the default reminders there.


Are you using normal Google Calendar, or the Calendar in Google Apps?

I'm on on Google Apps and there are no reminders set when I create calendar entries in my account. I thought it would be in the "Calendar Settings" (link in top right of webpage) but I looked in my settings and didn't find any presets about this.

Do you have any Google Labs item enabled that might cause this? I'm not aware of any such item, but perhaps you have a different set than what I have available.

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