I am using a Macbook M1 with macOS Monterey 12.5. Also, I must highlight that I am using a software called Karabiner-elements to tweak some keybindings. You can see my config here.

On Brave browser (and also in other browsers, such as Chrome) I can move focus to the address bar using control-L (or command-L) as a shortcut.

I would like to know how to achieve the opposite: move focus back to the webpage.

Since Brave browser and Google Chrome share multiple similaries even on shortcuts (maybe due to the Brave Browser being built on top of the open-source Chromium Web core), I tried shortcuts that people said would do the trick on Chrome, see links 1 2.

Unfortunately, I tried F6, shift-F6, 3 times F6 and none of them worked out.

I also tried finding it on the official documentation of Brave. I found control-L on the Address bar section. But could not find the opposite command in this (or other) section.

I also have Google Chrome installed (for professional reasons). And the shortcuts above mentioned also did not work for me.

Since I have seen a macOS user saying that he could not do it in a comment. Maybe this is related to apple devices.

Any idea on how to achieve this shortcut on an Apple device?

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I just found out that, I can do this by pressing esc in Chrome 106.0.5249.61, a great update! But didn't try in Brave.

---- Outdated Answer ----

I had the same requirement in Chrome, and finally I found a trick, it also works in Brave.

Open the search engines at chrome://settings/searchEngines in Chrome, or brave://settings/searchEngines in Brave. Click "Add" in "Site search" section to add a new item with the following fields:

  • Search engine: Focus on web page
  • Shortcut: f or what you like and not used in search engines
  • URL with %s in place of query: javascript:

After saving, command-L to focus to the location bar (keeping the whole url is selected), then type f, maybe the Focus on web page is the first choice and selected by default in the drop list, you just press return to focus back to the page content (the origin url is still in the location bar).

If the Focus on web page is not the first choice and not selected by default, you need choose a better "Shortcut".

  • Awesome! This is one of the most elegant hacks I can remember! haha Thank you Aug 29, 2022 at 19:14

In Chromium based browsers there's a built in shortcut for this (though it's not the most intuitive). On Linux/Windows it's Ctrl+F6, so I guess on OSX it will be either the same or Cmd+F6 (although I guess this could be an OSX bug).

Source: I work on Brave, and I've worked on Chrome in the past.

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