For the windows laptop event log power source change, how can I tell if it is switching from AC power to battery or from battery to AC power?

I attach a screenshot here.

Windows Event Log switching from battery to AC power

It seems impossible to tell from the Windows Event Log.

Internet search does not provide any answers.


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Thanks to DavidPostill who suggested : https://github.com/hirschmann/powereventprovider ; [GitHub - hirschmann/powereventprovider: Power Event Provider service for Windows]

It looks quite promising, claiming to do what I wanted. I was unsure if the software was safe but the author looks reputable. I installed the .exe file easily in less than a minute.

I then created a Custom View under Applications and Services Logs in Windows Event Viewer according to the user guide on the webpage, choosing Event source as PowerEventProvider.

I switched off the electrical supply from the mains AC power then a minute later switched from battery to main AC power.

The events are successfully recorded in detail as I show in my screenshot below.

system power source changed - battery or AcPowerSource

Thanks to Appleoddity for commenting but my Windows Event Viewer (under Windows Logs -> System) makes no distinction between AC or battery, simply logging it as "Power source changed." It is necessary to install the software suggested by DavidPostill.

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