I have a custom built Windows 11 computer which fails to put any monitor in sleep mode when the monitor is connected via DisplayPort or HDMI. The monitor turns off after the configured number of idle minutes, then it comes right back on after a second or two. This cycle will repeat continuously forever.

I tried 2 different GPUs (RTX 3070 and GTX1070) and 2 different monitors (Dell 27" QHD and Asus 27" QHD) and the behavior is the exact same as soon as any of the DP/HDMI port is used, in all possible combinations.

The only way the sleep mode behavior works fine is when using only the DVI port from the GTX1070. I tried both GPUs and both monitors on another Windows 10 computer and they work just fine and will go to normal sleep mode after the configured delay.

Given that all GPUs and monitors work as expected when paired with another computer, I suspect the issue would be from a Windows 11 configuration that would mess with DP/HDMI.

Searching online, I found many posts about a DP related issue that prevents monitors from getting out of sleep mode but nothing on my issue which is essentially the opposite.

Any idea welcome. Thanks.

  • Hi, I experience the same issue with my Microsoft Surface on Windows 11, having a USB-C connection from the Surface to the Travel Hub and from there a HDMI to the monitor.
    – user735318
    Nov 15, 2022 at 10:23


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