I have a Fujitsu scanner that I cannot get working on Windows 7 x64. I have downloaded both the TWAIN and ISIS x64 drivers from the fujitsu website but Windows still does not recognize. I have tried it out using GIMP and Paint.net, neither program sees the scanner. I have also tried the fi-5000N Configuration Tool from Fujitsu but to no avail. Anyone know what drivers i need to install?

Here's the info on the back of the scanner:

Model: Fi-5110E0X2
Part No: PA03360-B015
Serial No: 026132
Date: 2005-09


Fi 5110 EOX is a ScanSnap scanner, in this case the scanner is already bundled with ScanSnap Manager to do the scanning. This scanner is not a TWAIN compliant scanner. The driver from the Fujitsu website you refer to is for the "fi 5110 C" which is completely different from ScanSnap scanners. So I think you have to find the ScanSnap Manager software that works with Windows 7.

Last time I tried to connect a ScanSnap s500 with ScanSnap Manager for S1500 it worked fine.

  • I tried installing whatever manager software Fujitsu had available at the time on their support site, but still could not get it working. I ended up purchasing a new canoscan scanner, works great (really fast) and is has slimmer profile. – Tone Oct 18 '10 at 20:09
  • Just to confirm: I got my Fi-5110E0X2 (USB\VID_04C5&PID_1096) working by installing the ScanSnap Manager software. It does not support TWAIN and therefore won't work in other software, like GIMP or IrfanView. – chrki Aug 8 '17 at 16:59

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