There is delay about 1.5 min. during boot, I can't diagnose it.

"Boot Degradation" custom log:
"Boot Degradation" custom log

Delay is caused by "smss". Tried safe mode, no items in autostart list, uninstalled all audio and video drivers, turned off/on page file etc. - no results, the same delay.

I have one more specially optimized Win10 system on this computer installed on separate drive - no problem with boot, 4-5 sec. for "blue window" screen.


I made trace file with WPR: https://dropmefiles.com/nf2Az

In initial part of boot there's activity of "autochk" process:

Boot with "autochk"

I disabled process with "chkntfs /x" command, but delay is still there:

Boot without "autochk"


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The problem was caused by Intel(R) Management Engine Interface:

Thanks to @magicandre1981, I found his answer:

Very slow boot time on Windows 10. 100+ second long Session Init boot phase

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