I started a server build before covid 2020 i bought the components, installed it into a chenbro RM23812 chassis but it wouldn't start up. Lockdown was implemented and I stored it. 2 years later I'm trying to get it going again but notice the ram I ordered (32GB DDR4- 2666 RDIMM) is incorrect for this processor Xeon Silver 4216.

Could this be the reason it is not starting up?


  • Server board S2600ST
  • Intel Xeon 4216 @2.1GHz
  • Chenbro RM23812 chassis
  • Power supply: FSP800-50ERS
  • 33GB DDR4-2666 RDIMM.

Any help would be appreciated.

  • And POST beep codes? Nov 24 at 12:31
  • i get a 1-5-2-1 beep code and im not sure what im doing wrong
    – LABrat
    Nov 24 at 14:03
  • ok i reseated the CPU,, which removed the above error, then got 1 short beep. Removed the HDD then got 1-5-4-2 , At this point thinking this PSU is not powerful enough. Any idea if these two 800w hot swappable PSU's combine to push out 1600W or have i been mislead by my suppliers?
    – LABrat
    Nov 24 at 14:51
  • Do hot swap PSUs combine their outputs? I never assumed they did. They exist for redundancy, not accumulated output. One has to be able to run the entire system. Please note: these are my assumptions and they may be wrong. Nov 25 at 17:59


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