I need some up to date information on how to set up a RAID-1 / RAID-Stripe when installing a new version of FreeBSD. I have several Pentium 2/3/4 computer that I need to install a os onto. But also several Sun Blade 100 that is still in good condition. Most of the computers have matching harddrives so I would like to run some kind of RAID on them.

Something Equal to LVM2 that is used under Linux would be great also.

Don't think I haven't read the handbook because I have with a fine tooth comb.

At the local library I only have old worthless books so no help there...

Any way you can help I would be grateful!


The book you want is by Michael W. Lucas - called "Absolute FREEBSD" (mine is 2nd edition). On page 545 the topic is "Striping Disks" using the gstripe kernel loadable module. It's a gold-mine reference book if you're doing FreeBSD admin. I used it to set up both RAID0 and RAID1 and the book made it easy. (gmirror is the other KLM you may want to look at)

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If you simply want to mirror using the pair of matching drives in each machine, I recommend you install to one of the devices and mirror it to the 2nd device after the install. The FreeBSD handbook covers RAID1 in this scenario.

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  • @Gioff: Just a nit-pick but he said stripe - not mirror, and there's a BIG difference. – hotei Aug 27 '10 at 14:06

Just read the FreeBSD Handbook... its a truly great, free and up to date reference. Of course it also explains how to set up a raid. Of particular interest to you:


Raid 1 - Mirror

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