I have created a big iPXE server based on an Ubuntu Server 22.04.1 system. I have entries for different Linux images, Windows installers and Clonezilla Live. Now I want to include also an entry for Plop Boot Manager, and I'm finding that there is not any documentation available to do it, even in the plop boot manager official site.

I have a boot menu called boot.ipxe, configured based on this guide.

I have tried to add a simple entry to boot plop boot manager, but when I try to start it, it fails. This is the content of the entry:

initrd vga=1 nfsmount= nomodeset

The resulting error, when I try to boot that entry, is as follows: ok ok
Could not boot: Error 0x2a818006 (https://ipxe.org/2a818006)
Could not boot: Error 0x2a818006 (https://ipxe.org/2a818006)
Insert system disk in drive.
Press any key when ready....

The root of the http server (apache2) is well configured (I use it already for other entries), but just in case you need it: it's /free/pxe The NFS server is configured to share /free/pxe (read-only) I have tried to search for some documentation on what kinds of files does the iPXE menu need to recieve as kernel and initrd, but I think there are not a lot of information on this matter.

So does anybody know how should I configure the iPXE entry for Plop Boot Manager?

Let me show you the tree command for the plpbt-5.0.15 directory:

├── doc
│   ├── liesmich.html
│   ├── liesmich.txt
│   ├── readme.html
│   └── readme.txt
├── experimental
│   └── usb4ksector
│       ├── 1README.TXT
│       ├── plpbt.bin
│       ├── plpbtrom.bin
│       ├── plpinstc.com
│       └── plpinst.com
├── install
│   ├── plpbtin.img
│   ├── plpbtin.iso
│   ├── plpinstc.com
│   └── plpinst.com
├── licence.txt
├── Linux
│   ├── 1README.TXT
│   ├── plpbt.bin
│   ├── plpbtrom
│   ├── plpbtrom.bin
│   ├── plpcfgbt
│   └── plpmkboot
├── pcmcia
│   ├── install
│   │   ├── plpbtin.img
│   │   ├── plpbtin.iso
│   │   ├── plpinstc.com
│   │   └── plpinst.com
│   ├── plpbt.bin
│   ├── plpbt.img
│   ├── plpbt.iso
│   └── plpbtrom.bin
├── plpbt.bin
├── plpbt.img
├── plpbt.iso
├── plpbtrom.bin
└── Windows
    ├── 1README.html
    ├── InstallToBootMenu.bat
    ├── InstallToMBR.bat
    ├── plpbt4win.exe
    ├── plpbt.bin
    ├── plpbtrom.bin
    ├── plpbtrom.exe
    ├── plpcfgbt.exe
    ├── plpcfgbtGUI.exe
    ├── plpinstc.bin
    └── plpmkboot.exe


I realized that, from my experience, the arguments in the entries of the ipxe config file, generally are better put after the kernel line - I had seen that before - so I tried putting in kernel instead of initrd, as follows:

kernel vga=1 nfsmount= nomodeset

Anyway, it didn't work either.

  • Did you look up the error message Could not boot: Error 0x2a818006 and what of the suggestions that come up have you tried? Dec 1, 2022 at 0:22
  • I had looked at the link that appears in the error - ipxe.org/2a818006 but not in google. I've seen now and there's only a thread in the iPXE forum, but that case is not showing the error, only google found that because they wrote somewhere a message in case that error appears. Other than that, there's not any more matches in google. In the link I mentioned before I didn't found anything that I understand/see useful
    – Free
    Dec 1, 2022 at 9:52
  • I edited the question - please see also
    – Free
    Dec 1, 2022 at 10:01

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I have made an approach to integrate plop boot manager into my iPXE menu.

The key on what I did, is chainloading into the PXE netboot-sample example available in the plop boot manager Website - link for the file. That is a preconfigured PXE working sample, so that the user doesn't need to configure anything, except only DHCP - TFTP - and maybe something more, etc.

The menu entry for chainloading into plop menu is as follows:

set 210:string tftp://
set 209:string pxelinux.cfg/default

the set commands, I found out thanks to someone in the ipxe forum - iPXE forum So, when I enter in :chainplop option, it loads PXE (not iPXE) and I can choose Plop Boot Manager, which is what I initially wanted.

  • This approach is sufficient, but I'd like to do a more direct approach, directly integrating plop boot manager in my iPXE menu. That's why I will not accept my own answer as valid answer, but hopefully an answer from someone who could tell me how to do the way I want to do.
    – Free
    Dec 3, 2022 at 10:19

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