I need to measure Windows remote desktop latency for various cases, e.g. over a VPN, over a SSH tunneling, direct connecting etc; For that I found that a tool called tcping is good for it.

So I download it https://elifulkerson.com/projects/tcping.php and tested if it works:

ssh -p 50022 -L 13389:localhost:3389 user@
# so now I can RDP to the machine specifying `localhost:13389` on mstsc.exe
$ tcping.exe localhost:13389

DNS: Could not find host - localhost:13389, aborting

But as you can see it gets an error. How can I solve this problem?

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How can I solve this problem?

tcping.exe localhost:13389

Your syntax is wrong:

tcping [-tdsvf46] [-i interval] [-n times] [-w interval] [-b n] [-r times][-j depth] [--tee filename] [-f] destination [port]

Source: tcping/usage.txt at master · jtilander/tcping · GitHub


tcping localhost 13389

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