I've had Samba setup on a Linux CentOS 5.5 server for the past 2 weeks. All of a sudden today it stopped working and I can't figure out why!!

First off I'm running the package "samba3x", version 3.3.8-0.52.el5_5. My configuration file is as follows:

load printers = No
netbios name = MyServer
default = global
path = /home
wins server = # windows pdc
workgroup = workgroup
os level = 20
encrypt passwords = yes
security = share
winbind separator = +
available = No

writeable = yes
admin users = smbuser
path = /home/myUser/www/share/1
valid users = smbuser
public = yes
available = yes

The myUser/, www/ and share/ folders are all set to mode 755 and owned by myUser. The 1/ folder is mode 777 and owned by smbuser.

Windows returns "System error 53 has occurred. The network path was not found." when I try to run the command: "net use \MyServer\In /user:smbuser smbuser".

However, if I change the config to use /home/smbuser as the path instead, it works fine! The smbuser/ folder is using 700 and is owned by smbuser. So even though the 1/ folder is using mode 777 and is owned by smbuser, it doesn't work.

Can anyone tell me why please? Thanks in advance.


Sorry, just sorted it. Looks like "smbuser" was the problem. Not sure why this should be the case, since the user account was setup correctly and has full access!

I setup an smb account for "myUser" and used that to access the folder instead. It worked!

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I apologise for not posting as a comment to get some more information - I'm afraid I'm 2 reputation short of being able to do so.

When you've set the [In] share to use path = /home/myUser/www/share/1, are you then able to run the command smbclient \\\\\\In on your CentOS machine to access that share?

EDIT: Again, I apologise for lack of comments. You probably had conflicting permissions. While the internal folder may have been given full access to a certain user, the parent folders may have denied write access (or whatever) to all other users. Deny rules take precedence over allow rules, and this is what I assume happened in your case.

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  • Hi. I didn't try that, however it turned out to be related to the user account. Thanks anyway though. – Reado Aug 26 '10 at 18:31

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