I have a Dell Precision 5560 with 32Gb DDR4 RAM that I want to upgrade to 64Gb. According to the system specifications, it supports up to 64Gb. The current installed RAM is 2x16Gb 3200MHz Samsung SO-DIMMS (m471a2g43bb2-cwe). Expecting no issues, I bought a pair of Kingston 32Gb 3200MHz Kingston SO-DIMMS (KF432S20IBK2/64).

Unfortunately, after I installed the new SO-DIMMS, the system won't boot. The front LED just blinks 2+5 times, which according to Dell's documentation means "incompatible memory".

Reading all the specs, I can not figure out why this memory is incompatible. What am I missing?

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Check the pin configuration on the old Samsung memory and your new Kingston memory. Both should match(256/260/280/288). Also check for supported frequency,voltage should be 1.2V and other attributes. Run cmd and check via this below command that how much actually your system support max capacity of RAM. wmic memphysical get maxcapacity. If post running this command if it displays no. Starting from 33 or 32 then it is 32 GB max supported. Hope this helps.

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