I have a data set with 10,000+ items. I am trying to convert the square footage to acreage. Every item has a different square footage and I want to type in a function that will convert each 10,000 or so items to the specific acreage. E.g. item number 6 is 30056.4 square feet and I want the column beside it to populate 0.0047 acres and so on and so forth.

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1 sq. feet is 1/43560 acres.

So, when you have a data like this:

sq foot

Make a column for acres, and use this formula: =ROUND(A2/43560, 4). Drag down to fill other cells in the column:


Here, ROUND() will round-off the values to the decimal places that you specify. Using this formula will round-off the values in acres to 4 decimal places.


As far as I know

1square feet = 0.00002296acres

Is the calculated result (30056.4 square feet = 0.0047 acres) incorrect?

If the result is correct, try this formula:


enter image description here

Or you should use this formula:


enter image description here

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