I create a lot of videos. I'd like to have a templated folder with the main assets to be used in a video including the Premiere file. I would like to be able to copy paste the template folder anywhere, and have all the assets within the folder (relative path) be linked to that Premiere file.

Instead, when I copy paste the folder, the Premiere file links some of the assets to the original folder (absolute path) instead of the new folder.

Folder 1

  • template.prproj (displays folder1/graphics.aep)
  • graphics.aep

Folder 2 (copied and pasted)

  • template.prproj (displays folder1/graphics.aep instead of folder2/graphics.aep)
  • graphics.aep

I would like graphics.aep to be automatically linked relative to the folder, and not absolutely.

  • what research have you done? ... the Adobe forum has at least one thread about a solution
    – jsotola
    Feb 11 at 4:17


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