I seem to ask these sorts of questions a lot, so, in short, Reddit recently got uglier for some reason like so many sites and services are doing these days and I'd like to change it back. Is there a script for Violent Monkey/Tamper Monkey/Grease Monkey that can change Reddit back to the older UI, not the old.reddit UI but the slightly older one they had just before putting in that left sidebar? Or even just the one from last year?

I've got a script that automatically switches Reddit to the old.reddit UI

function test(url){
    return !!url.match(/^(|http(s?):\/\/)(|www.)reddit.com(\/.*|$)/gim);

function getNewPagePlease(url){
    return 'https://old.reddit.com' + url.split('reddit.com').pop();

function fixRedditStuff(){
    var links = Array.prototype.slice.call(document.links, 0);
            var greatNewLink = getNewPagePlease(link.href);
            if(link.hasAttribute('data-outbound-url')) link.setAttribute('data-outbound-url', greatNewLink);
            link.setAttribute('href', greatNewLink);


window.onload = fixRedditStuff;
setInterval(fixRedditStuff, 50);

and have already attempted modifying it to no avail.


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According to (in order of how I found them skimming the results that https://www.google.com/search?q=old+reddit+layout returned to me)

in order to use the old Reddit layout in your web browser go to https://old.reddit.com.

Considering the above there is no need to use a userscript.

Here how it looks using Chrome


Here how https://reddit.com looks


  • I wasn't asking about using old.reddit, as I mentioned in the question. In the last few weeks reddit's appearance had been changed from what it had looked like even just last year in 2022. I'm not sure if it was a sweeping change or one of those "some people will see the new design we're testing" changes that sites seem to enjoy doing, but it was indeed different from both previous designs. However, it seems reddit themselves have now reverted the site to the previous design I was looking for a script to restore so I assume they're either done testing and/or realized it was a bad idea.
    – Demon
    Feb 20 at 4:47

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