When a client joins a network, is the client included in the ff02::1 IPv6 multicast group, which "broadcasts" to all nodes on the segment. OR, do I have to subscribe to the group using Multicast listener discovery with a report query including the multicast address group to subscribe to: ff02::1 in this case, I am guessing? Thanks.

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No, this specific group is exempt from MLD.

RFC 3810 (MLDv2):

The link-scope all-nodes multicast address, (FF02::1), is handled as a special case. On all nodes -- that is all hosts and routers, including multicast routers -- listening to packets destined to the all-nodes multicast address, from all sources, is permanently enabled on all interfaces on which multicast listening is supported. No MLD messages are ever sent regarding neither the link-scope all-nodes multicast address [...]

RFC 2710 (MLDv1):

The link-scope all-nodes address (FF02::1) is handled as a special case. The node starts in Idle Listener state for that address on every interface, never transitions to another state, and never sends a Report or Done for that address.


MLD messages ARE sent for multicast addresses whose scope is 2 (link-local), including Solicited-Node multicast addresses [ADDR- ARCH], except for the link-scope, all-nodes address (FF02::1).

RFC 4541 (Considerations for IGMP and MLD snooping switches):

[...] MLD is mandated for addresses with scope 2 (link-scope) or greater. The only exception is the address FF02::1 which is the all hosts link-scope address for which MLD messages are never sent. Packets with the all hosts link-scope address should be forwarded on all ports.

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