I had bought by mistake a cable that has SATA connector on one end and eSATA on the other.

My intention was it to have SATA connectors on both ends, so that I connect a normal SATA HDD on the motherboard.

I can't send it back because it was my mistake, the store page shows it's eSATA. So I'd like to know if the cable is useless or if I can still use it.

Can I use the eSATA connector on the HDD or the motherboard? Or does its eSATA male connector work only on an eSATA female connector?

In that case, if I use it on an eSATA connector on the motherboard, does it work on a normal SATA HDD externally if I use a SATA power cabe too?


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Its whatever the cable equivalent of a paperweight is - the physical connectors for esata and esatap are different from regular sata and the cables are fairly cheap.

In theory you could find a sata - esata 'bracket' and mount it externally (so you can go hard drive -> sata end -> esata end -> bracket socket -> PC) but unless you need full sata speed from a bare hard drive I see little point.

  • So it indeed doesn't work, right? I had found a bracket as you said, that has internal SATA male connector and external eSATA female connector, together with a molex. I'm looking now for a adapter/extensor male molex - male SATA power so I can use it.
    – Hikari
    Feb 26 at 2:14
  • Nope - hence the reference to paperweight.
    – Journeyman Geek
    Feb 26 at 2:59

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