can anyone knows how to extract database from WhereIsIt catalog software and save that database as an excel or text file?

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Export as *.xls or *.csv file formats.

Report Generator Wizard

The built-in "Report Generator Wizard" to export the data in file formats including:
|   ASCII    |   MS Excel    |   Rich Text (RTF)    |   HTML    |   Comma Separated (CSV)    |   Symbolic Link Text (SYLK)    |   SQL Script    |   XML    |


  1. Click the Main button, then point to Report Generator, and click on Report Generator Wizard

  2. Click Next to move on from the "Report Generator Wizard" description dialog box

  3. Choose an option from the "Report Generator Wizard" dialog box and click Next

  4. Customize options based on choice in previous step and click click Finish

  5. Select file format from the "Export" drop-menu in the "Report Destination" section of the "Report Generator" dialog box


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