To start off, this is a completely fresh install of Arch Linux + Gnome with Wayland. Downloaded the respective packages of glfw-wayland, glew-wayland in order to build my program, and ran it.

I noticed that window decorators are missing, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons. In fact, the window title bar is missing as well, what is there is just a blank small bar with nothing on it. I'm not sure if this is a GLFW issue or a Linux/Gnome specific issue, because prior to this I used KDE on X11 and it would work fine.

I tried to set window decorators via glfwSetWindowAttrib(window, GLFW_DECORATED, GLFW_TRUE); but that did not do anything.

A screenshot of what I see on Wayland:


An older screenshot of my code on X11:


Does anyone have any idea what's going on? Tried googling but I could not find any information besides the attribute from earlier.

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Found it, its a gnome specific issue. GNOME doesn't support XDG decoration.

There's a PR that's attempting to fix it but this is just the way it is for gnome.


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