Before using Vimperator, I used Xmarks for organizing and synchronizing bookmarks between computers. Now I installed Vimperator and I can only bookmark a page from command mode with :bmark.

How can I open Organize Bookmarks with Vimperator?

Besides disabling Vimperator and choosing it from the menu what else can I do? Before, I had CTRL + SHIFT + b to open the organizer. Now, in Vimperator, this shortcut doesn't work anymore, even after temporarily disabling Vimperator with CTRL + z.

Firefox Organize Bookmarks Screenshot


After setting the main menu visible (with :set go+=m thanks to Hamish Downer), I saw the shortcut for opening the organize bookmarks dialog (CTRL + SHIFT + o). I recently switched to Ubuntu Linux and in this version of Firefox some keyboard shortcuts are different then in Windows (including the shortcut for opening organize bookmarks). Sorry for my ignorance.

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You can launch this using the dialog command:

:dialog bookmarks

Once you have typed dialog you should be shown a list of options that you can type. To find out more you could do

:help :dialog

Don't forget that you can always show the menu and select stuff the old way.

:set go+=m

go is short for guioptions and m is for menu.

  • Thank you for your answer and sorry for my ignorance. I could have enabled myself the menu and see that the shortcut is different then in Windows instead of annoying people here on SU.
    – Igor Popov
    Aug 19, 2010 at 6:55
  • @Igor: no problem. It's always good to have the information available online for others to find. Aug 19, 2010 at 14:28

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