I have a Tenda AC9 (AC1200) and I can not change the date that appear on time settings and I do not have any manual changes or automatic internet one to synchronize, so this problem started 1 day ago and it appears like in title.

I reset and reboot the router and reconnect to internet service provider several time, changed the time table and the issue is still there!

So I have problems with WiFi Schedule - the schedule takes effect only if the system time is synchronized with the internet time and - Automatic maintenance takes effect only if the system time is synchronized with the internet time.

Any idea to solve this strange problem?

Thank you

enter image description here

  • Log into the router at, Advanced Link, Tools, Time: Does this work set internet time?
    – John
    Apr 20, 2023 at 20:36
  • As I mentioned in the post, no, i have no settings on time in the router like in the pic...
    – Razvan
    Apr 20, 2023 at 20:38
  • Maybe do a complete hardware reset and set the router up again.
    – John
    Apr 20, 2023 at 20:40
  • As i mentioned above i did this severels times :)
    – Razvan
    Apr 20, 2023 at 20:42
  • Maybe time to try a different router. It the basic Tenda cannot manage time, that would be a hardware or firmware issue.
    – John
    Apr 20, 2023 at 20:43

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I had the same problem last week and it probably affected many other owners of Tenda routers but most of them didn't notice because they do not use time-based features like WiFi schedule or automatic maintenance.

I solved it using the Backup/Restore functionality (it can be found under the "System Settings" menu) as described below:

  1. Backup the router configuration. It produces the configuration as a downloadable file named RouterCfm.cfg that your browser downloads.
  2. Very important! Make a copy of file RouterCfm.cfg and keep it safe. If something goes wrong, it could be used to restore the router in its current state.
  3. Open the file RouterCfm.cfg in a plain text editor. Do not use a text editor that formats the text, like MS Word or OpenOffice Writer! Use vi or Notepad or other editor you usually use for plain text.
  4. Find the line:
    Replace time.windows.com with a different time server. For example:
    Check the site https://www.ntppool.org/en/ to learn about NTP (it is the time-synchronization protocol.)
  5. Save the file and load it using the Restore functionality of the router. The router will restart (this takes about one minute).
  6. Wait 5-10 minutes then check the date & time of the router. It should display the correct date and time. Be patient. It does not synchronize its date&time as soon as it restarts but several minutes later.

If something goes wrong, use the backup copy of RouterCfm.cfg that you created on step 2 to restore the router to the start state.


According to the Tenda AC9 manual that I found, the Time & Date page (manual page 108) is only for setting the time zone.

enter image description here

The router should automatically get its time from NTP. However, the manual does not describe a way to manually configure NTP server(s). The router might have a preconfigured NTP server, but it seems to fail to connect to it.

If there are newer firmware versions available for your router, I recommend you update it.

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