My sister-in-law has a Dell Inspiron 545MT with Windows Vista Home Premium installed on it. Since this morning, they have the following problem;

  1. Booting in Normal Mode with the network cable plugged in: Windows hangs completely after logging in. The desktop (and sometimes a few start-up applications) get loaded, but then everything hangs and I have to do a hard reset.
  2. Booting in Normal mode without the network cable plugged in: no problem, but, as soon as I plug in the network cable the computer immediately freezes!
  3. Booting in Safe Mode: never a problem. Doesn't matter if the network cable is plugged in or not.

What could be the problem here? I have already tried the following;

  1. Run Spybot Search & Destroy and Hitman Pro
  2. Try turning off a lot of the services set to "Automatic"
  3. Reinstall network and motherboard chipset drivers

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I do have the same problem. I reinstalled my computers some days ago (Vista). I installed my software and the Windows update service downloaded the updates. The notebook worked for some days without any issues. Then I was copying files to my usb stick. As it took some time I decided to let this run over night. At the morning a saw that Vista didn't respond.

When starting Vista in normal-mode. Everything runs perfect. As soon as I plug in the LAN-cable or activate WLAN it takes 10 sec. and the system stops. I started Wireshark (Network protocol analyser) to see what happens. The network cards sends some packages and the the system stops.

I assume that this isn't a driver problem because a) everything ran perfect before (without changing a driver file) b) in safe-mode it is possible to connect the LAN-cable or enable wireless LAN.

I suspect a windows update for this, but I don't have a evidence.

System: Dell Inspiron 1520 OS: Vista Home Premium SP2 VS: MS Security Essentials

I got the latest network drivers from Dell. I removed the network drivers and let Vista install them (before the system hung for the first time).

I tried to reset WINSOCK. It did't help.


Greetings from Germany Alex

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    Hi Alex. I have formatted my sister-in-law's computer and reïnstalled Windows Vista. The problem is solved now and I hope it stays that way. Unfortunately, doing a fresh install of Windows actually took less time than all the searching and trying to solve it in another way. Still don't know what caused the problem though. Sep 27, 2010 at 9:19

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