Sometimes, when I go to log into Teams after maybe a password or account change, it successfully logs me in, but then I get taken back to the select an account screen. How can I break the cycle?


I select my account from the list:

Login User Select Screen for Teams

Then go through the MFA process, I receive a text message, and It succeeds, and I get returned to the select account screen.

What gives? How do I break this loop?

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The solution is to logging out Via your Icon in the top right corner.

  1. Close the "Pick an Account" screen.
Login User Select Screen for Teams
  1. Then you'll have access to your icon, click on the icon, and Sign out. (although the screen may vary from this screenshot) Login User Select Screen for Teams

  2. Sign back in again, go thru MFA cycle and you should be able good!

We ran into this issue A couple times on MacOs, and this fixed it every time!

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