I'm building a script that will run WatiN, a tool that makes Web Application Testing possible, on a remote machine. I won't go in to any details, but the scripts does the following:

  • Create a network-share on the remote client machine (Windows 7)
  • Copy a runner to the remote machine
  • Create a test database on an other server
  • Copy the web-application to a webserver
  • Start the runner on the remote machine
  • Copy the results back to the current machine
  • Clean-up the remote machine

To do stuff on the remote machine I use PsExec, this works fine and in fact the script runs fine except one step, the first.

The problem is that the network-share that I have created on the remote machine is read-only. With PsExec I run the following script on the remote machine:

net share WatiN=C:\RemoteWatin /GRANT:Everyone, FULL

The grant doesn't work, can anyone help me out?


The problem was that I had no rights to GRANT Everyone FULL control, but it does work when I grant myself full control.

Here's my working command:

net share WatiN-%1=C:\RemoteWatin\%1 /GRANT:%USERDOMAIN%\%USERNAME%,FULL
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