With the recent Firefox 113.0 release, there is a new three-dot button menu in the history search results of the Firefox address bar. How can I stop that button from taking focus when pressing the tab key or, alternatively, get rid of it?

It is a circular button with three dots to the right of any search result from my browsing history. Its tooltip says “Open menu”. When you click on it, there are two entries: “Remove from history” and “Learn more”, see following screenshot:

History result menu opened

I am used to pressing the tab key for going down through the search results. The new menu button makes this more difficult because it takes tab focus. I have to hit the tab key twice to get to the next item. Hitting tab the first time moves the focus to the new button. I only get to the next item when I hit tab a second time. Also, I do not think the menu is helpful to me. I already know how to delete entries from history (Shift+Delete), and “Learn more” is nothing but a link to How to customize Firefox Suggest settings. Therefore, I would like to disable this new button or at least stop it from taking tab focus. Is there any way to do that?


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There are two about:config settings related to this feature:

  • browser.urlbar.resultmenu – turn the feature on or off
  • browser.urlbar.resultmenu.keyboardAccessible – toggle the menu’s accessibility with the tab key (exactly what I want)

So the configuration options were there all along. The difficulty was finding them, especially since I did not know any specific keywords for identifying the issue in an internet search.

I created a new profile with the Profile Manager (old profiles can be cluttered with additional about:config settings from extensions) to search for possible keywords in about:config: “address”, “menu”, and then “bar”. For every one of those, I toggled all the boolean preferences and then checked whether the three-dot menu button was still there. That is how I found the about:config settings.

After I had found the about:config settings, an internet search for the name of the settings revealed that others had already discussed them:

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