I've got a LaTeX document (example below) which has been typeset at 1.7x A4-paper size (its final size is 357mm x 504.9mm). However, I still want my final document to be A4-paper sized.

To achieve this, I tried using LaTeX at first by embedding the PDF into a new PDF file, which works with the scaling, but destroys the links. I've resolved to using Adobe Acrobat Pro (Version 2023.001.20174) to scale my document using its available Scale pages preflight fixup. This scales the PDF just fine, but it loses the internal links (such as footnotes and footnote back-references) as they now start jumping to (seemingly) random views and not the target that they are supposed to go to.

Any ideas for this so that the links stay intact?


LaTeX document (example)

% I've only included the packages relevant to the question.


\usepackage[margin=2cm, paperwidth=357mm, paperheight=504.9mm]{geometry}  % 1.7x A4-paper size (mm)


\hypersetup{  % Stops links and references having a visible box around them.
    pdfborder={0 0 0},



    Here's some text with a footnote.\footnote{This is a footnote!}


Preflight fixup configuration

Preflight fixup configuration - Scale pages

P.S. I do not want any advice/writing philosophy on why the document shouldn't be scaled up in the first place. I just want to know how the links won't end up broken when the scaling is applied.

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Running cpdf -scale-to-fit a4portrait in.pdf -o out.pdf should move the links and their destinations properly when scaling. If it doesn't, that's a bug, and you can send me a bug report with an example file here: https://github.com/coherentgraphics/cpdf-binaries

  • Thanks for this. I'm still wondering if there is a way to do this type of scaling that preserves document links and such from inside Acrobat itself. But, seeing as this tool worked so far, I'm accepting your answer. May 22 at 9:00
  • 1
    I can only guess that, since it's part of "preflight", and links are irrelevant when printing, Adobe don't feel they should be altered. I too find it odd that there's not just a simple menu option in Acrobat to scale a document's pages. May 22 at 12:34

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