I was trying to open files like .ipynb via terminal command line (command: code) on the remote server in VSCode.

But code is not in PATH, so I used

~/.vscode-server/bin/b3e4e68a0bc097f0ae7907b217c1119af9e03435/bin/remote-cli/code a.ipynb 

and got this error:

Command is only available in WSL or inside a Visual Studio Code terminal.

This command was entered after I SSH node1 on the remote server. So I guess I need to directly connect to the internal node on the remote server so that I can use code command to open files in VSCode.

To make it clearer, here's what I did:

Me -> SSH remote server -> SSH node1 (I want to open .ipynb files in this node because it has GPUs while the root node does not).

So I guess the solution is:

Me -> SSH remote server node1

How can I do this?

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  • what precisely is "node1"? I don;t believe this is standard terminology related to an SSH feature. could be a gateway or a jump box or something completely different. Please edit your question to clarify your request, and provide information about the layout of the remote network/hosts please. 2 days ago
  • @FrankThomas I am not quite sure about the layout of the remote network. What I know is I could connect to the root node of the server. After connection, by 'ssh node1' in the command line, I could enter the computing node1. Node 1, I think can be seen as a new computer, which has its own CPUs and GPUs. Is there anyway I can check the layout? Thanks a lot!
    – xu chen


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