I'm trying to unlock my Google Stadia controller with this procedure on my Windows 10 desktop PC (it doesn't have Bluetooth wireless).

I got as far as doing the four finger salute (Ellipses + Balloons button + A + Y) whilst the Stadia controller was plugged into my PC via USB3.

Now Chrome wants to reconnect to the controller but no longer sees it. Do I need a Bluetooth wireless adapter on my PC for the next steps to happen, i.e. to download and install new firmware?

The controller is definitely >10% charged (and I gave it an extra charge) otherwise you're prevented from even starting the procedure.

  • I wouldn't think so. One thing I noticed on the beginning page is the system requirements System requirements: Chrome 108 or newer. I'd check that. Watching a video on YouTube, when trying to connect through the Chrome device list again it says The Stadia controller name could be ST Blank RT Family, Stadia Controller, or USB COMPOSITE DEVICE It sounds like you're seeing none of those options?
    – DrZoo
    2 days ago
  • @DrZoo I'm running Chrome 113 and you're correct, I don't see any device names listed.
    – Kev
    2 days ago

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When I started the Stadia controller unlock process I had it plugged into a USB3 Type A socket on the front of my PC case. It's a Corsair 4000D Airflow that has USB3 Type A and Type C sockets that connect to the motherboard via a Corsair provided cable and plug.

I decided to try plugging the controller into one of the motherboard (Asus Prime B660-PLUS D4) rear USB2 sockets. This allowed Chrome to see my partially reset controller and then complete the unlocking procedure.

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