How to disable auto update in the brave browser?

I use chocolatey to install software on my system. When I checked the version of my brave browser it was the latest version. I don't want this auto update since I have installed brave browser using chocolatey I would like to use choco to update it.

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There are multiple places where you can disable the updater executable.

  1. Prevent it from getting launched at startup with e.g. Autoruns:
  • download and open it
  • find BraveSoftware Update entry
  • delete it

  1. Stop automatic task runs in Task Scheduler:
  • open taskschd.msc
  • find BraveSoftwareUpdateTaskUser[SID] tasks, where SID is a long ID string
  • Right mouse button them and click Disable

  1. Disable some services:
  • open services.msc
  • find Brave Update Service (brave) and Brave Update Service (bravem)
  • go to their Properties and set their Startup type to Manual

Note 1: any of this may get overwritten by next choco installs, depending on what the installer does.

Note 2: I don't recommend doing this. Browsers get important security updates and are one of the most vulnerable parts of the system. I don't see a reason to disable them, unless you're e.g. a web dev who needs to test with specific versions, but then other solutions exist for that.

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