Today when I connected with WiFi I got a small Blue Socket window on the bottom right of the screen. I had never heard of this company before. They are here: http://www.bluesocket.com/ The "wireless solutions" tab on their page says it's a 802.11abg WLAN solution. I killed the Window - I don't hit 'ok' on any Window that shouldn't be there. I am running a firewall and antivirus software - and they didn't catch this.

I'm not finding much on this with Google. I tried: "blue socket" wlan (malware OR virus OR trojan) -"blue socket firewall" (The last part is because there's a firewall by that name.)

I use this computer daily, and I have not installed any new software or drivers. I don't see anything named "blue socket" on my computer. (Search->All files and folders, Task Manager, Add/Remove programs, services, open connections (firewall) ). This is the first time anything has gotten through my firewall/antivirus software. I ran a full scan and nothing was found.

I don't have automatic updates enabled. I do all that manually so I'm on top of everything.

How did this unwelcome guest get on my computer - what is it doing - and how to I get rid of it?


After quickly skimming over their website, they appear to be legit. They have some contact info in the top left corner of this page. I suggest giving that number a call. They also have a "Chat with a Representative" button you may try as an alternative.

Also, if you're worried about malware, the best anti-malware scanner for the windows shell (imo) is MalwareBytes which can be found here. I've used it on many computers and it always gets the job done.

  • I tried the chat. It's offline. It's says they'll e-mail me.
    – Carl
    Aug 23 '10 at 20:06
  • If you're still worried about it, I'd really just get them on the phone.
    – Thomas B.
    Aug 24 '10 at 1:12

Several Academic and Industrial institutions use BlueSocket WIPS and RADIUS systems, and often bundle in a little 'semi-driver' bloatware in with any automatic setup. My university did this on its wired and wireless systems, before moving to an even worse system (3G ftw!). If I remember it DID appear in the Add/Remove Programs area, so just get rid of it.

  • I looked closer in Add/Remove in case there was some word in front of "Blue," and I don't see it.
    – Carl
    Aug 23 '10 at 20:07

The WiFi provider updated it's equipment, and now they use Blue Socket. It's just a harmless popup window about the connection. If I click the logout button in the window I really get logged out, and have to log in again. I added it to my block pop-ups list and now I don't see it anymore.

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