Is anyone using virtual desktops combined with multiple monitors? I somehow never got into virtual desktops because my machine at a time wasn't fast enough to switch them seamlessly. Also, I always like to shut down everything I'm not working on, ideally working on one thing only (albeit spanning multiple windows). Too many windows is usually a signal that I need to finish unfinished stuff, organize and refocus. Nowdays I'm using two monitors and I'm wondering if I should try to experiment with virtual desktops again; or are those two redundant?


  1. What virtual desktop programs work well with multiple monitors?
  2. How do you organize your virtual desktops on multiple monitors?

I use virtual desktops with multiple (2) monitors.

The program I use for Virtual Desktops is "VirtuaWin".

I organize my virtual desktops the following way: Desktop 1: Internet Desktop 2: Office (writing, powerpoint etc) Desktop 3: Programming/Development Desktop 4: Media (audio software etc). Desktop 5: Processing (when I have a batch script/programm running for a long time).

IMO: The idea of having two monitors is to have more "context" available while working. The idea of having several virtual desktops is being able to order programs according to a set of tasks.


If you are using windows 7 you can tell the remote desktop to use both monitors like so:

1.. click the start button and then type:

mstsc.exe /multimon

It will pull up the regular remote desktop session, but when you click on the display a new option will pop up showing "Use all my monitors for the remote session"

Like this:

\ alt text

Found this cool option here

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