When someone sends me a meeting request, it doesn't send me a new email with the request. It just pops up immediately in my Reminders Window. I cannot figure out why. I have checked and my client is not set to auto-accept the meeting request (Calendar Options -> Resource Scheduling ---> Automatically Accecpt Meeting Requests is NOT checked).

Is there something I'm missing? I don't even accept the meeting and the meeting organizer says I haven't responded or accepted the meeting.



I figured it out. The emails were grouped by message class, so all the meeting requests were being pushed to the bottom.


  • Wow, 11 years later +1. I did this and was mystified. I am sure the same reason is causing many others to be confused, like this post with hundreds of people asking the same question.
    – Amit Naidu
    May 18 at 21:42

There are so many posts about this problem, and few have a solution. The existing answer here from a decade ago helped me, but here are some other possibilities for those who arrive here in the future:

  1. You might have delegates setup.
  2. Check if autoaccept is turned on
  3. Make sure there are no rules moving out meeting invites.

Easy steps to fix the view in Outlook for Microsoft 365 16.0.x:

When in Inbox,

 View menu --> Current View --> Reset Current View

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