The Yahoo server blipped when I was creating a custom folder in Thunderbird and somehow the folder got corrupted. It also moved the system Draft folder underneath the corrupted folder, which is nested inside the Inbox. I can't move the system Draft folder out of the corrupted folder & I can't move the corrupted folder out of the Inbox. I have tried everything I can find on this issue, and nothing has worked.

Can someone please help me move the system Draft folder back where it belongs? I want to get rid of this corrupted folder, but Yahoo support says I have to move the system Draft folder out before I can do that. And they won't tell me HOW to do it. They only suggested I use Thunderbird to do it because I couldn't see the Draft folder in Mail on my Iphone or in Yahoo.

I can't setup a new email account right now (would love to get off Yahoo) for personal reasons, so please be kind & dumb it down for me. Any help would be very greatly appreciated!

Folder Structure

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    Can you simply grab the folder and drag to a higher level? Jul 31, 2023 at 17:52

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Since Drafts is a special folder, I do not think that Thunderbird will allow the user to move it around directly within the folder pane. However, it may be possible to move it by going into Edit > Account Settings > $GmailAccount > Copies and Folders. Once there, under the "Drafts and Templates" section, under the "Keep draft messages in" section, choose where you would like the Drafts folder to go.

screenshot of account settings area of Thunderbird showing Drafts and Templates subsection

In theory, it may currently be in Other, and underneath the ZZ - Corrupt Yahoo... folder. You should be able to choose a different spot for it, or choose the default "Drafts" folder on option with the Yahoo account selected.

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    Thank you to all who responded, I am very grateful!!! I resolved the issue last night with a TB add-in that let me flatten the folder tree. The Draft folder is back where it belongs & the corrupted folder has been deleted. All my devices that have Yahoo on them are synced now. No more hidden folder or system folder out of place - yeah!!! Thank you again for your help!!!
    – cachadd
    Aug 1, 2023 at 17:06

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