I always get a BLUESCREEN with one of those error messages...

I googled it: hardware-error.

I already tried to change the psu, RAM, SSD and took out the gpu; non-effectiv.

I tried clean-installing windows on the pc, and tried also installing windows on another pc on a ssd, and then putting this ssd in the malufunctioning pc; also non-effectiv.

Any tips or ideas?

  • A WHEA error is normally a driver error. Windows normally updates many drivers, so based on your post it may be the SSD driver.
    – John
    Aug 28 at 22:48
  • @John Yeah but the problem is, that I already tried installing different versions of windows... I also reinstalled the original HDD. Aug 28 at 22:51
  • Perhaps find drivers for each device (Audio, Video, Network, and possibly BIOS)
    – John
    Aug 28 at 22:53
  • @John I'm wondering about why it worked earlier... Where do I get those driver-files? How am I able to put them up on my pc; Do i have to put them in the System32 folder? Aug 28 at 23:26
  • Driver updates do not (to my knowledge and experience) land in the Windows system folder WinSXS perhaps
    – John
    Aug 28 at 23:28


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